ELIGOR1152341/43 Scale
French Red Cross - Renault Master Ambulance
ELIGOR1150131/43 Scale
Renault Premium Lander - CCIHR 8500 Gallin - SDIS 48 Fire Truck
ELIGOR1015361/43 Scale
Hotchkiss DH60 Interflora Flower Delivery Truck
ELIGOR1150401/43 Scale
Volvo FH 4 Low Rise Cab in White
ELIGOR1015341/43 Scale
Hotchkiss DH60 Tilt Cab with a Sheeted Flatbed in Red
ELIGOR1014911/43 Scale
BEA EDF - Hotchkiss PL50 Utility Service Truck
This truck was used by Electricité de France teams to Paris for...
ELIGOR1015191/43 Scale
Livreur de Légumes - Citroën 2CV Pickup Truck in Cream hauling Vegetables
ELIGOR1145361/43 Scale
Transports Desjouis - DAF XF105 Space Cab with Curtainside Trailer

Founded in 1900 as a family business, Desjouis...

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