WIKING0479021/87 Scale
DB - Bussing 12.000 Flatbed Truck with Tarp Cover

High Quality Plastic - JUST 2 LEFT

WIKING0671051/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz NG Dump Truck in Blue Turquoise

High Quality Plastic

M2MACHINES32500-42-MASTER1/64 Scale
Auto-Trucks Release 42 - 48-Piece Master Case
Eight 6-Piece High-Detail SETS in NON-RETURNABLE...
FIRST GEAR10-40711/34 Scale
Peterbilt Model 367 in Blue and Silver with Tri-Axle Lowboy Trailer
diecast metal
detailed cab...
GREENLIGHT35060-C-CASE1/64 Scale
Yenko Parts - 1976 Chevrolet G-20 Service Van - 6 Pieces in NON-RETURNABLE FACTORY SEALED Case
Find the...
TONKIN6000711/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 with Sleeper in Dark Red and Black with 53' Spread-Axle Reefer Van
TONKIN6000931/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 with Sleeper in Black and Red with 48' Spread-Axle Flatbed
HERPA0764321/87 Scale
20' Containers - Set of 3 - Hamburg Sud, NYK, and CMA/CGM

High Quality Plastic

HERPA1583051/87 Scale
MAN TGS M All-Wheel Drive Rigid Tractor - Cab Only

All or Mostly Plastic

CONRAD2729-021/50 Scale
Sandvik TH550 Underground Dumper
CONRAD702131/50 Scale
MAN TGX SLT 4-Axle Truck with Faymonville Variomax Drop Center Semi-Trailer
CONRAD77181-071/50 Scale
MAN TGS M Euro 6 with Meiller Three-Way Dump Bed
CONRAD781991/50 Scale
June - July Arrival
Mercedes-Benz Arocs with Putzmeister M42-5 RZ Concrete Pump
WSI01-19291/50 Scale
4-6 Weeks Arrival
UniQ Concept - Mercedes-Benz Actros Giga Space - Cab Only
WSI01-20411/50 Scale
Jimmy Rosenqvist - Volvo FH4 GL XL - Cab Only
WSI03-20001/50 Scale
3-Axle Halfpipe Trailer
M2MACHINES36000-23-CASE1/64 Scale
Auto-Haulers Release 23 - 6-Piece Case
Two 3-Piece, High-Detail SETS in Non-Returnable, Factory-Sealed Case...
HERPA0763881/87 Scale
5-Axle Goldhofer Drop Deck Trailer in Ultramarine Blue

High Quality Plastic

PROMOTEX0065271/87 Scale
Peterbilt COE with End Dump Trailer
PROMOTEX0352321/87 Scale
Peterbilt with Sleeper in White with Chrome Chassis

- All or Mostly Plastic

PROMOTEX0054831/87 Scale
2-Axle Step Deck Equipment Trailer with Ramps

- Plastic

MOTORMAX73284-R1/24 Scale
2001 Ford F-150 Flareside Supercab Pickup in Red
WIKING0693281/87 Scale
THW - 1956 MAN Standby Tanker
PROMOTEX0063471/87 Scale
Peterbilt with Sleeper in White with Black Livestock Trailer