HOBBY MASTERHG56021/72 Scale
M60A1 Patton Tank - Isreali Defense Force, Sinai, October 1973
HERPA7459631/87 Scale
Heavy Tiger Tank Vers. H1 - Battle of Kursk

High Quality Plastic

Johnny Lightning Military "The Greatest Generation" - 12-Piece Case
AIR FORCE 10100B1/64 Scale
AH-64A Apache - 227 Aviation Regiment, 1st Armored Division, Germany 1991

Features Include:

HERPA7460381/87 Scale
T-55 Main Battle Tank - Vietnamese Army / Saigon

high quality plastic

WAR MASTERS72005071/72 Scale
July - Aug Arrival
Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind" - German Wermacht - Belgium, 1945

The Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind" (Whirlwind in...

HERPA7459561/87 Scale
Heavy Tiger Tank Vers. H1 - Russia

High Quality Plastic

HERPA7460521/87 Scale
German Red Cross - Mercedes-Benz Medical Service Canvas Truck

high quality plastic

FORCES OF VALORFV-861004A1/700 Scale
IJN Yamato Battleship
WGWWW199011/700 Scale
July - Aug Arrival
P-Class Zeppelin - Germany, 1915 - Wings of the Great War
HOBBY MASTERHG53061/72 Scale
M41G Walker Bulldog Tank - German Army, 1950s
FORCES OF VALORFV-861008A1/700 Scale
U.S.S. Arizona Battleship - BB-39
HOBBY MASTERHG70091/72 Scale
JS-2 Heavy Tank - World War II, 1945
HERPA7460071/87 Scale
Military Workshop Equipment - Accessories

high quality plastic

HERPA7456661/87 Scale
1st Guards Tank Army Austria - T-34/85 Main Battle Tank - All or Mostly Plastic
HERPA7457721/87 Scale
6-8 Weeks Arrival
Opel Blitz Medical Truck - German Army
- High Quality Plastic
AVIATION 72520011/72 Scale
Fairey Gannet - "XA420" 333 824 NAS HMS ALBION, 1957
HERPA7454991/87 Scale
Building Set - Vehicle Shelter

- All or Mostly Plastic

WAR MASTERS72005031/72 Scale
M26 Pershing Tank - Korea, 1951
AVIATION 72430041/72 Scale
Saab Gripen - Swedish Airforce Museum Black
HOBBY MASTERHA35351/72 Scale
F/A-18A Hornet - A21-27, 75 Squadron, RAAF, 2003
AVIATION 72510011/72 Scale
Panavia Tornado - "ZE907" 65 SQN RAF Coningsby, 1990
AIR FORCE 10110A1/72 Scale
B-17G Flying Fortress - 323rd BS, 91st BG "Nine-O-Nine" RAF Bassingbourn, England, 1944

First delivered to the...

WGWWW102021/72 Scale
Schneider CA1 Tank - Wings of the Great War