WSI01-20051/50 Scale
4-6 Weeks Arrival
Moeijes - Volvo FH4 GL XL Tractor with Combi Trailer
WIKING0652021/87 Scale
Volvo L 350F Wheel Loader
WSI04-11821/50 Scale
Volvo FH4 GL 8x4 Tractor with Palfinger 92002 SH and Ballastbox
HERPA303620BL1/87 Scale
Volvo FH 16 GL Tractor in Blue - Cab Only
WSI04-11761/50 Scale
Volvo FH4 Sleeper - Cab Only
WSI01-16501/50 Scale
Van de Brug - Volvo FH4 GL XL with a 3-Axle Welgro Tanker Trailer
NEW-RAY887631/32 Scale
Volvo L220E Wheel Loader - Remote Control 27 MHZ

Remote operates:
Forward and backward...

SPEC-CASTZJD-17951/64 Scale
Farmall "Why Farm a Little" Volvo 770
HERPA3055561/87 Scale
Volvo FH Gi. XL Truck - Cab Only

- All or Mostly Plastic

WSI01-10261/50 Scale
Ekdahls Road Cruiser - Volvo FH3 Globetrotter XL Combi Truck and Trailer
CARARAMA185-0011/87 Scale
Volvo FH12 with Lowboy and Volvo L150C Wheel Loader
Cab is diecast and plastic
Trailer is plastic and...
CARARAMA560-0021/50 Scale
Volvo L150C Wheel Loader
Made of diecast metal and plastic
Articulated steering
CARARAMA561-0021/50 Scale
Volvo A40D Articulated Hauler
Made of diecast metal and plastic
Detailed graphics, mirrors and...
CARARAMA810-0031/87 Scale
Volvo L150C Wheel Loader
Made of diecast metal and plastic
Articulated steering
MOTORART3000651/50 Scale
Volvo L90H Wheel Loader
Operating boom and bucket
Articulated front steering system
MOTORART3000611/50 Scale
Volvo L350F Wheel Loader
Features Include:
Rotating wheels
Fully functional loader bucket
MOTORART3000421/87 Scale
Volvo FM Truck with Trailer

The Volvo FM truck with trailer in 1:87 scale is a quality die cast scale model...

HWP0065071/87 Scale
Volvo A40D Articulated Hauler Dump Truck
TONKIN12-0143-011/53 Scale
Volvo VNL 670 with Sleeper in Blue - Cab Only
Thoughtfully designed and diecast in metal to 1:53 scale, each...
MOTORART3000401/87 Scale
Volvo FMX 6x4 Dump Truck

A detailed scale model of the Volvo FMX 6x4 Tipper in scale 1:87. A quality die cast...

TONKIN12-0008-01B1/64 Scale
YRC - Volvo VN Day Cab with Dry Van Trailer

PEM Series Trucks have set the standard in 1:64 scale as one of the...

MOTORART3000361/50 Scale
Volvo L35G Wheel Loader
Features Include:
Articulating front steering system
Articulating rear axle
HWP0064911/87 Scale
Volvo Ec 240 BLC Track Excavator
WSI01-13291/50 Scale
Esser - Volvo FH3 Globetrotter Tractor with Nooteboom 3-axle Lowloader - JUST 2 LEFT